Parekh Imperial Logistics -

  • A reputed name in the industry with large warehouse managing capabilities, Parekh Imperial Logistics is a leader in Pharma Warehousing
  • Parekh Imperial Logistics was established in Sangli in the year 1950 and has since then expanded operations involving large companies in the Pharma and FMCG sectors across the State of Maharashtra with bases in Pune and Bhiwandi (Mumbai)
  • Mankind Pharma, Sanofi, Alembic, Blue Cross, Corona Remedies are some of the Pharma Giants having major share of their Maharashtra State Business from Parekh Imperial Logistics
  • High Flow, High Volume operations, Cold Chain Warehousing and delivery, systematic docking, the safety of goods and security are all handled flawlessly at Parekh Imperial Logistics with a trained workforce and supervisory staff
  • Parekh Imperial Logistics has over 2 lakh sq ft of area in Pune for warehousing and has a total workforce of 500+ with every person undergoing classroom and on-the-job training before commencing live operations
  • Mr. Mahesh Parekh, Founder Chairman of Parekh Imperial Logistics, followed by his two sons, Mr. Sunil Parekh (Managing Director) and Mr. Amit Parekh (Director of Operations), are the forces behind the formidable and organised structure at Parekh Imperial Logistics
  • As Mr. Sunil Parekh says, “The Pharma Industry needs a well-oiled distribution network which is the basis of supply to meet the needs of the doctors and patients. We at Parekh Imperial Logistics, strive to ensure that all products reach the customers for their health benefits in ambient conditions and on time. Our systems and processes, therefore, follow the best practices in the industry and we ensure to be up to date with the latest developments in distribution worldwide
  • Parekh Imperial Logistics has bagged the Best CFA Award from Mankind Pharma consecutively from the year 2015, and with seamless steady functioning even during the pandemic, Parekh Imperial Logistics has proven to be the backbone – valuable support to all pharma partners, including Cibeles Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

On Cibeles Pharmaceuticals Private Limited-

Parekh Imperial Logistics has had a great association with Cibeles Pharmaceuticals Private Limited since 2020 as channel partners of the company. "Cibeles Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a company with high-quality products and a corporate working environment that always believes in People, Progress and Passion under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sainath Iyer.

Mr. Sunil Parekh – Director Parekh Imperial Logistics